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Creative Stories

Too Little Too Late? Vogue Paris becomes Vogue France to Adopt a More Inclusive Outlook

The 100 year old publication sees its December issue drop the ‘Paris’ and instead adopt ‘France’ to align with its sibling publications from British Vogue to Vogue Italia. The publication claims this change is motivated by a desire to showcase a more diverse side to French fashion. But in 2022 is this too little too late? 

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In Creative Conversation Series

In Creative Conversation with Tommy L Morenos

Talking to us from Moonbow’s studio in the heart of sunny Lisbon, London-born animator Tommy Levi Morenos enlightens us on breathing life into characters, the relationship between design and Japanese culture and the newly founded Moonbow Studio.

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Creative Stories

Sofie Birkin: A Psychedelic Erotic Tarot Deck

Denver-based British illustrator Sofie Birkin marries erotica with spiritually in an irresistible fashion with the release of her beautiful new Erotic Tarot deck.

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Creative Stories

Neuroscience and Marketing: What We Can Learn from Mad Men

“Neuromarketing” loosely refers to the measurement of physiological and neural signals to gain insight into customers’ motivations, preferences, and decisions, which can help inform creative advertising, product development, pricing, and other marketing areas.

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Creative Stories

The John Lewis Christmas Ad is Out! And it’s Futuristic…

For its 2021 Christmas spot, John Lewis appropriately focuses on the little things that matter after a rather depressing Christmas 2020. The ad was created by adam&eveDDB and directed by Mark Molloy.

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Creative Stories

The Cinema That Moves You: Knom Redesigns The Filmoteca Española

For those unfamiliar, The Filmoteca Española is an institution, responsible for promoting and preserving Spain’s cinematographic heritage. Recently, the institution called for a redesign as a means to connect with the younger generation while still preserving the rich cultural heritage of Spanish cinema. 

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