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Top Books for Creatives for 2022

Tis the season for Christmas shopping and Wishu is here to help support your retail therapy. Whether you’re looking to enlighten yourself or gift a loved one, here is a collection of our favourite books on creativity and design for 2022. Happy shopping!

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👋 Launch House

Launch House has become one of our favourite communities. It’s an exclusive community for creators and startup founders, connecting you with top world-class creators, investors and business founders. But here’s the interesting bit, members get to live together in mansions previously owned by the likes of Paris Hilton, Cardi B, and other celebs or you can do it in the Metaverse 🏄🏽‍♀️

And there’s more… while there, you will be mentored by experts, learn from fellow founders, and build your companies at the same time.

Their next 1-month residency begins on Nov 28th with very limited space.

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Creative Stories

Are Billboards Bad for the Environment?

Madrid-based design studio Point of Reference is spreading the word on how billboard production is having a negative effect on the environment.

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New partner alert ⚡️ TaxScouts

Doing taxes is a massive pain. That’s why we partnered with TaxScouts to help you take the weight off with calculating, filing and claiming tax returns. Now you can focus on what matters most, your creative business. 

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Top 100 UK Creative Agencies

Here is our exclusive list of the top 100 UK creative agencies for 2022.

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NOV 18th: I have 99 problems, but lacking freelancing tools ain't one!

NOV 19th: Create captivating 3D artwork with Spark AR Studio

NOV 25th: A Guide to Video Marketing for Creatives

NOV 30th: A Freelancer's Guide to Marketing on TikTok

Creative Stories

Leva: The UK’s First Clinic for Chronic Pain

London-based agency That Thing has designed the visual identity for Britain’s first clinic for chronic pain – finally! The clinic uses a new treatment model that combines physiotherapy, psychology and medication.

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