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Ageism in Marketing – Older People Are Ignored and Distorted in Ageist Marketing

Ageism is perhaps one of the last and most invisible threads when it comes to “woke” generational values infiltrating into the media.

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Creative Inspiration

Top 3 Short Films – Exploring sexuality, trauma, and loss of a loved one

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The State of Social Media Agencies Report 2021

Featuring insights from 113 top UK social media marketing agencies. Discover the strategies, platforms, and tools responsible for their growth.

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Creative Interviews

In Creative Conversation with Leo Young

Upon researching designer and Good Nugget founder Leo Young, I noticed that in his LinkedIn bio he is credited as a ‘Diversity Advocate’. While of course, I had a general idea about what a Diversity Advocate encompasses, I Googled the specific definition just to grasp a more precise idea…

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👋 Launch House

Launch House is an exclusive community for creators, entrepreneurs and founders, connecting you with top world-class creators, investors and business founders. But here’s the interesting bit, members get to live together in mansions previously owned by the likes of Paris Hilton, Cardi B, and other celebs or you can do it in the great Metaverse 🏄🏽‍♀️

And there’s more… while there, you will be mentored by experts, learn from fellow founders, and build your companies at the same time.

Their next 1-month residency begins on Nov 28th with very limited space.

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Creative Inspiration

Lucien Boucher’s 1920s Parisian Shop Front Lithographs Are Infused with an Update

Around this time of year, nostalgic, century-old illustrations tend to provide us with a sense of fuzzy festive warmth. A prime example of this would be Raymond Briggs’ 1978 picture book The Snowman and, perhaps more notably, the 1982 British animated television film and symphonic poem which followed. Even for the time, these illustrations felt nostalgic as they mimicked the lithographic style similar to Lucien Boucher’s, popular in 1920s France.

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Wishu 🤝 Mailshake

We partnered with Mailshake to help creative freelancers generate high-quality leads in the right way! They provide creatives with an easy-to-use platform to amplify your search for new client leads, doesn’t that sound just perfect?

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Tiny Guides

A Guide to Getting Insured as a Creative Freelancer

If you’ve been freelancing for a while, or are just getting started, chances are you’re aware that having some sort of insurance in place is a good idea. But where do you start?

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Hot Questions

Are you considering shifting from being a self-employed individual → to a Limited company?

If the answer is yes (or maybe), we can support you with the right expert help. We’re looking to release a few blogs on making the shift to Ltd along with a webinar expanding on questions creatives have. If you are interested let us know 👇

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Creative Inspiration

Sophie Vallance’s Way of Translating Life with Autism

The Glaswegian artist’s paintings cleverly transcribe the viewers with many elements that make up an autistic person’s experience of reality, particularly social interactions.

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Top 100 UK Creatives

This week we’re offering you a 30% discount to submit your portfolio for our upcoming 100 UK Creatives list. Join a list representing the very best creatives in all creative fields.

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Creative Inspiration

Nisa Khan: From Rags to Bitches to Riches

Nisa Khan is a young graduate of Fine Art from UAL in Chelsea. Her graduation piece ‘From rags to bitches to riches’ is currently on show at the Saatchi Gallery in Sloane Square.

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NOV 30th: A Freelancer's Guide to Marketing on TikTok

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