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Best London Cafes to Work From For Creatives

Now that we are no longer constrained to the four walls of our home study area or room, we may feel like venturing out and working remotely in a cafe as we people watch and sip on americanos or a chardonnay come five o’clock. Here is Wishu’s list of our favourite cafes in London to work from.

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Photography Books to Spur Motivation

For photographers, people, nature and everyday life are often the sources of inspiration but sometimes we find ourselves stuck in a rut – why are we doing this in the first place? In a world where the average person consumes hundreds of images a day it can feel hard to keep your niche and special creative quality at your talented core. This list of inspiring photography books may help reignite your fire.

Book list

The Ultimate Guide to Self-Care and Health as a Freelancer

While the freelance life may offer personal flexibility and creative freedom it can also be a very busy lifestyle that leaves little time for self-care.

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Creative jobs of the week from BBC, Axis Studios, The Guardian and Mother London!

Welcome to this week’s roundup of the most creative jobs on Wishu’s Job Board designed for UK creative freelance professionals! Check out the latest positions from the most creative companies, productions and creative agencies!

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Newsletter: The Creative Industry Newsletter

All things creative industry including passive income, AI and creative industry trends! The Creative Industry Newsletter brings you a weekly / once per month newsletter in your inbox, every Monday. Subscribe for a weekly newsletter to get the latest trends, tips, resources about all things creative industry. Learn from industry experts! This newsletter is perfect for you if you’re looking to find top industry trends, insights and reports.

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How To Grow Your Production Company

Whether you’re a filmmaker or an entrepreneur/film aficionado, there are many reasons as to why you may want to start or grow a video production company.

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Sites To Keep You In The Know For Creative News

It often seems like there is so much creativity going on in one scene that it’s impossible to keep up. A lot of sites and social media platforms can also seem very London-focused or at least capital city focused which can make non-London based creatives feel isolated at times…

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Some of The Best Networking Communities for UK Creative Freelancers

Making genuine connections in the Creative Industry can be a struggle. Especially with the majority of events still being online-based. I decided to spend some time testing out a few UK based networking sites, I found out which networking platforms actually work. Looking at the resources, opportunities and events these platforms provide, I came up with my top choices for networking platforms.

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Creative Portfolio Of The Week – Oliver Sharp

Portfolio pick of the week! ☝️

Portfolio pick!

Other recommended reads 👇

Coca-cola considers running Chip Shop ad as part of Pride campaign

The Photography Annual 2021: Meet the Judges

Alexander Coggin’s latest photo series reflects on a year of wearing masks

“The only creative directors I see are white” – Shape the Narrative is here to change that

Reinventing the masculine discourse with photographer William Lakin

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