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Welcome to this week’s creative rundown. This week we’re presenting you with the latest creative news, inspirations, latest collabs, top trends for 2022, tools for 2022, a new passive income approach and more!

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→ Tory Politicians Get a MakeOver for Re-Edition Magazine

→ Gucci Meets Xbox in this Luxurious Collaboration

→ Can NFTs Help Freelancers to Promote Their Work?

→ NFTs: What Are They and Why Should Creatives Pay Attention?

→ Weekly Freelance Job Board

Passive Income Tool

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Resources & Advice

Top Books for Creatives for 2022

Tis the season for Christmas shopping and Wishu is here to help support your retail therapy. Whether you’re looking to enlighten yourself or gift a loved one, here is a collection of our favourite books on creativity and design for 2022. Happy shopping!

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Resources & Advice

Top 5 Advertising Trends for 2022

In 2022, 51% of B2C marketers plan to increase their marketing budget. But if we break down that budget, where do we see it going? It is through doing this that we are able to recognise trends and concentrations within the advertising industry. 

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Tools for 2022

Superscript - Get protected from late payments

TaxScouts - They take care of your self-employment tax returns

CircleLoop - Get unlimited calls internationally for your business

School of Communication Arts - Short course - Become a more powerful and strategic creative, marketer or entrepreneur (email us for a discount code)

Mailshake - Top tips and resources on how to send the best cold emails for client leads

Osome - Helping you with your finances and accounting

Thinkific - Design, market and make money from your own course!

The Lists

Top 100 UK Creative Agencies - Now Live

Access top 100 UK agencies trusted and recommended by creative companies and creative freelancers.

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Resources & Advice

A Guide to Getting Insured as a Creative Freelancer

If you’ve been freelancing for a while, or are just getting started, chances are you’re aware that having some sort of insurance in place is a good idea. But where do you start? 

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Creative Inspiration & Stories

Olivia Harris’ Photo Book Has the Power to Make Us Feel… Nostalgic About the First Lockdown

March will mark two years since the first lockdown which for many seems, in many ways, like a lifetime ago.

Upon first glance, Olivia Harris’ photo book ignites memories many of us have otherwise suppressed. Not a single mask is featured, nor queues for toilet roll or meetings over zoom. Instead, what is captured is real life at home. The experiences that took up the bulk of our 24 hours in real time. 

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Gujarati Grans Shine on Piccadilly Circus’ BillBoard

Hetain Patel is a celebrated British artist of Gujarati Indian descent who frequently works with family members, exploring the creative potential inherent in familial bonds and domestic settings.

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Existential Anxiety But Make It Positive: Edinburgh International Book Festival

Designed by Glasgow based studio, Tangent, the Edinburgh International Book Festival’s visual identity is putting a positive spin on existential angst.

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The Esprit Flashback Archive Serves up All the Wintery 80s Nostalgia You Need This Christmas

Esprit’s former art director Tamotsu Yagi has expanded the archive even further with a huge donation of 80s visuals. The archive is now jam-packed with over 3,200 pieces of Esprit memorabilia.

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