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Wishu Creative Newsletter
Paralympics, Uber Eats, Dubai Tourism: the best ads of the week 🔥
While August and September are more of quieter months in the world of ads, this year it didn’t seem like that was the case (at all). We saw a Hollywood-style trailer starring Zac Efron and Jessica Al……
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Wishu Creative Newsletter
Creative jobs of the week from Universal Music Group, BBC Three, Jellyfish Pictures and more! 🔥
This week’s freelance jobs 👇 Welcome to the roundup of the most creative jobs on Wishu designed for UK creative freelance professionals! Art by Terran Washington…
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Wishu Creative Newsletter
The ultimate guide to LinkedIn content strategy for freelancers
Having a great content strategy for Linkedin will help you connect with potential clients, businesses, and industry top creators. Pretty much the opportunities are limitless! So what’s the secret to b……
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Wishu Creative Newsletter
The 2021/22 Creative Freelancer Rates Guide
This freelance rates guide focuses on providing you with how you should price your services and day rates when it comes to working on creative and commercial projects. Setting rates as a freelancer i……
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This week from Wishu 👇

  • British mobile network GiffGaff has teamed up with one of its hearing-impaired members to create an animated sign language interpreter for its latest ad. That member’s name? Aleks. Aleks challenged Giffgaff to create an ad that was inclusive of and accessible to the deaf community…Read more

  • This Monday saw the most famous fashion event of the year resume after a year off due to the pandemic. Read more on why the theme was ‘American Fashion’.

  • London-based sexual health and wellbeing charity for young people, Brook, has teamed up with creative agency Grey London to create a campaign to stop cyberflashing. Read more

  • If you’re looking for ways to market your video production company, we’re here to provide you with the essential steps to take when marketing your video production company. Read more

  • In a progressively post-Covid-19 economy, independent agencies are shining in their skill sets and may have the upper hand when compared to their high-budget, heavy-hitting counterparts. Read more on how independent agencies are riding the post-covid workspace.

  • Brazilian Illustrator Victor Liborio: Illustrating Onto Queer Bodies. Read more

  • Since its beginnings in 2015, Leeds-based studio Robot Food has been working with the independent brewery, Vocation. Now a new look marks a fresh chapter for the brand as it secures itself as a modern-day beer pioneer. Read more

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Most talked about topics 👇

  • Farfetch collaborates with Magnum to create a fashion show of classic photography. Read more

  • BAFTA-winning Blue Zoo Animation Studio has created the powerful short film to help people recognise the signs of when people are struggling and encourage them to find help. Read more

  • Researchers used artificial intelligence to study the careers of 4,500 directors, 70,000 scientists, and 2,000 artists. The most successful among them share an important trait. Read more

  • 15 books to jump-start your creativity this fall. From a primer on machine learning to Fast Company’s own book celebrating socially and environmentally conscious design, these are fall’s best new design reads. Read more

  • When the Berlin-born grocery delivery app, Gorillas, came to life back in the summer of 2020, little did it know just how much of a creative community it would build. Read more

  • Why intentional ad creative is more important than ever. Read more

This week’s creative shoutout! 🔥

Elle Pardew, Graphic Designer

About Elle

As a designer, I curate unique, bold, and unforgettable campaigns that evolve into powerful brand experiences digitally & beyond. Actively looking for freelance or permanent roles based in the UK


With 2+ years of marketing experience working with companies across lifestyle, fashion, food & drink, tech & luxury, I’m skilled in creating compelling digital narratives for brands that drive both fascination and intrigue. I’ve worked in both agency and in-house roles, as well as taking on freelance projects, having worked with entrepreneurs directly to craft and reshape their visual strategies online (digital marketing strategies, content creation & distribution).

Check out Elle’s portfolio.

Southwark South Design District 🎨

Opens 18 Sept. 2021 - Free

London Design Festival returns for its 19th edition to once again transform the capital's landmarks, neighbourhoods and cultural institutions with a series of outdoor installations, exhibitions and special events that will bring people together as London continues to reopen.

Southwark South Design District is the latest addition to the London Design Festival’s roster of renowned design districts for 2021. This district will celebrate local design talent within the broader creative community of Southwark, South East London. The Design District offers a cluster of events within a short walking distance of each other, enabling visitors to navigate events in Southwark South.

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