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What Are the Pros and Cons of Making Merch as a Creative 🧐
If you’ve developed a loyal following online as a creative it may be the time to start producing some merch. For illustrators and graphic designers, you’ve already got the content, right? For musicia……
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Full access: Creative jobs from Vice, YouTube, Ocado, Netflix and more! 💯
Creative jobs 👇 Welcome to this week’s creative jobs on Wishu designed for UK creative professionals…
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Wishu Creative Newsletter
The Quest for Impact, Not Productivity
In 2007, Tim Ferriss released his book “The 4-Hour Workweek” which led Ferriss to become a New York Times best-selling author. The book teaches us how to escape the 9-5, live anywhere, and still make……
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Wishu Creative Newsletter
In Creative Conversation With Radhika Nathany
A series of interviews with top industry professionals! Providing you with top tips and tricks to succeed in the creative industry. Based in India, Radhika is a ray of positivity, demonstrating her cr……
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  • Planning on Becoming an Insta-Freelancer? Here’s What You Should Know. Some of you may already be planning on becoming an Insta-freelancer and for many of you, this may be the first time you ever heard of that term. An Insta-freelancer is essentially someone who uses social media – primarily Instagram – to grow awareness surrounding their brand. Here are a few ways how. 👉 Read more

  • Frida Kahlo… The Complete Paintings: The Most Extensive Frida Kahlo Study To Date. The book is an emblem of both the unmistakable face, life and work of the iconic Mexican painter. 👉 Read more

  • María Jesús Contreras is an illustrator whose vibrant graphics communicate imposter syndrome and the desire to overcome anxiety surrounding art. Maria gives surrealist life to everyday inanimate objects and she does so with a dash of darkness and a handful of humour. 👉 Read more

  • Uber Eats has teamed up with creative agency Special Group to produce three 16-second spots. Directed by Guy Shelmerdine, the spots see Sir Elton and Rapper of the moment Lil Nas X announce that “tonight, I’ll be eating” a variety of dishes, some luxurious and others more in the fast-food lane. 👉 Read more

  • “Fabric is like a second skin,” said Bulgarian-born artist Christo. “Even when I obstruct the normal view of things, I am creating something invitational. Using fabric is not like building a brick wall which is by its very nature intimidating or arrogant; fabric is a sensual medium that tantalises us to look beyond it.”…Taschen Publish Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s Unfulfilled Dream to Wrap the Arc de Triomphe. 👉 Read more

  • How To Use SEO To Increase Your Profits… Social media is great but can often feel like a popularity contest. Yes, your following may increase but how exactly are you going to make money out of that? This article helps you turn ratings into rent in guiding you on how to use SEO to increase your conversions. 👉 Read more

  • In an ever-changing climate and economy, it can be hard to know what to focus on as an independent agency. The pandemic has seen a rise in independent agencies and clients are often choosing to go for a tight-knit feel rather than the big money giant names. However, with this increase in demand comes a stronger need to stand out. Here are some reminders on the advantages of being an independent agency and what to focus on. 👉 Read more

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  • iPhones could soon monitor your mental health and diagnose depression. Read more

  • 'Lazy, entitled, spoilt': Recruiter's WFH rant goes viral. Read more

  • Government celebrates trade success of UK creative industries with new export help announcements. Read more

  • Why the creative agency model is floundering. What's wrong with the business—and some of the ways shops are attempting to fix it. Read more

  • KFC places its U.S. account into assessment, dealing a blow to Wieden+Kennedy Portland. Read more

  • The Fortnite x Balenciaga Collab Is Everything The Game Deserves. Read more

This week’s creative shoutout! 🔥

Adon Blackwood, Photographer & Creative Director

About Adon

Hey there! I’m Adon. I am London-based fashion, beauty & portrait photographer. I’ve been creating content for fashion brands and agencies for the last 11 years and shoot a mixture of stills and video for use on social media.



Check out Adon’s portfolio.

Exhibitions 🎨

Explore the best art exhibitions in London!

Daido Moriyama: A Journey in Ink at Hamiltons, London

Check out the latest London art exhibitions. As galleries are reopening to the public we provide you with a top lineup of current exhibitions allowing you to get your art fix. 

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