In Creative Conversation with Rianna Patterson

Rianna Patterson is a force to be reckoned with. Only in her early twenties, Kent-based Rianna is a personal development coach, multi-award winning global TEDx speaker, changemaker and founder of the Dominica Dementia Foundation. Not to mention, she also received a Queen’s Young Leaders Award in 2017 for her work to help to ease the impact dementia has on individuals and families! We talk to the young entrepreneur about balancing business and creativity and empathising between generations when it comes to mental health. 

Wishu: Where does your creativity come from? You seem to demonstrate a fantastic balance of business-mind and a creative-mind. How would you unpack the split in applying business and creative thinking to what you do? 

Rianna: I don’t force myself to be creative but I do have my ‘aha’ moments which can happen in the bathroom and often just within moments of silence where ideas are brewed. I think business and creativity go hand in hand. I make sure humans are at the centre of everything I do and matching the two brings a wholesome experience. Creativity is the idea and business is the execution. 

Wishu: Which comes more naturally to you would you say? Creativity or business?

Rianna: The business side for me is more effortless. Creativity has to be spontaneous and free from time constraints. I need the flexibility to be creative and brainstorm when it feels right to me and creativity shows when you are at your best. For that reason I just want to create when at full energy level and when fully inspired.

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