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This week from Wishu 👇

  • Illustrator, animator and filmmaker Raman Djafari has developed a firmly established following for his wildly imaginative music videos and films for those including Lucky Chops and Fjaak which won major animation awards at La Guarimba and Animattikon, respectively. His latest however might be his biggest venture yet – and the biggest pop star collaboration this year – as Djafari directs the video for Dua Lipa and Elton John’s Cold Heart. Read more here.

  • Italian visual designer Beatrice Caciotti’s research into gendered connotations in the genealogy of type design has resulted in her latest project entitled The Bumpy Typeface. Read more here.

  • Glasgow Design Studio’s Visual Identity for Rise, a Scottish Charity for Refugee Women. Read more about the campaign here.

  • An up-and-coming hub of art, Bournemouth’s creative culture is on the rise. To add to its flourish, local born and bred artist, Stuart Semple, has opened a huge new gallery, catapulting the seaside resort onto the international art scene with an impressive opening show. Read more here.

  • Subverting gender norms and playing with boundaries of colour, texture and glam is London-based makeup artist Byron London. Read more here.

  • The Lizard Queen is a photographer, model, creative director and stylist based between London and Brighton. Her work has featured in publications such as High Snobiety and The Guardian and has worked with artists such as Green Tea Peng and Pip Millet. Read more here.

  • Deliveroo Centres Design at the Core of Its Visual Identity. Read more here.

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This week’s creative shoutout! 🔥

Eamonn Blake, Motion Graphic Designer

Specialising in 2D and 3D animation, Blake is a diverse and well-versed artist with 5 years of experience designing for branded, commercial & music video content. Clients include Oasis, BBC iPlayer, Heineken, Pizza Hut and more. Read more & check out Eamonn’s latest work!

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