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Switching from Instagram & Facebook 👉 TikTok

TikTok has really evolved, there is more to it than just trendy dances performed by teen audiences nowadays.

When TikTok was first released, I wasn’t sure it could ever compare to Instagram or Facebook when it came to promoting services or finding clients to work with.

I think TikTok proved the complete opposite.

Freelancers and pretty much any professional can actually make a good business and promote it via TikTok. We can now see that companies like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook are following TikTok’s steps and are transitioning to become video-based platforms at their core.

We have a few articles on everything you need to know about TikTok and how you can leverage using that platform:

WTH is TikTok!? How Freelancers Can Create Engaging Reels and TikToks: A Simplified Guide

16 Tips on How Freelancers can Market Themselves on TikTok

Trends: Video Marketing 2021


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This week from Wishu 🔥

  • Daisy Collingridje created art that can be touched. In her latest work Daisy created fabric body sculptures, that are full of shapes and movements. The Squishies are a representation of the mechanism of all bodies. <Read further>

  • How to Write a Freelance Business Plan? What’s the point in having a freelance business plan? Can’t I just fly by the seat of my pants and see how it goes? <Find out here>

  • Marketing for Graphic Designers 101…a few marketing tips on how to make that happen. <Read further>

  • Social Media Holidays 2021: 6 Tips To Scheduling Content For Holidays. <Find out here>

  • Hammersmith’s Olympia Redevelops Into an Ambitious New Creative Hub via Someone. <Read further>

  • Vegamama: Wagamama Welcomes A New Veggie Monster to Town! <Watch it here>

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Monthly subscriber shoutout 🔥

Will Davies - Music Producer/Mixing Engineer

From as far back as I can remember I have had a strong affinity towards music, the elation it has brought to my life has inspired my actions to this day, I have always played in bands which has brought the reality of both the highs and the lows of what comes within the industry, and invaluable experience that I wish to take inside and out of the studio. My Current practice today consists of working with individual projects at my studio “bungalow studios” and I also work at River Studios, Southampton where I work either in private studio sessions or sessions to local community-based projects, bringing the experience of music to young people. Various personal accolades include Playing at The Viper Room, LA Winner Firestone UK battle of the bands Performed at the UEFA champions league final day Music Production & Engineering Masters Graduate at USW Over 250,000 streams on Spotify.

Check out Will’s portfolio here.

Will’s Wishu profile here.

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