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How to Make Money With Online Courses? Facebook and the Metaverse...

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A conversation around passive income👇

Freelancing is heavily associated with what we would call 'active income'. For instance, you would get paid for the hours you put in for a project.

However, there is another way to earn money by freelancing, but with 'passive income'.

Passive income is income that requires minimal effort to earn and maintain. It is something the earner initially goes through the efforts of setting up first, and once established as something that can generate a source of revenue, can sit back and reap the fruits of their labour.

As with most things that seem a bit too good to be true, it is quite difficult to start earning a significant passive income. If you do it right though, your efforts will eventually start bringing in money while only requiring minimal work towards maintenance.

Learn about the key topics:

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The perfect tool to start your own online course 👇

Online courses are one of the highest margin businesses that exist. It’s also why this has become a hot path in earning some serious passive income.

If you have in-demand knowledge/skills that other people would be willing to pay to learn, this is a fantastic business model.

No matter your discipline, career path, hobby, or interest, Thinkific is a perfect tool that you can share what you love and educate others worldwide, across every conceivable industry.

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Creative inspiration

Creative resources and tips

Portfolio shoutout ⚡️

Giada Maestra, Freelance illustrator

Wishu | Website | Instagram

Giada Maestra is a London based illustrator from Pordenone, Italy. Finding inspiration in the everyday, in the ordinary and in the unnoticed, she likes to draw especially people, in a funny way. Body acceptance is the main topic when she represents women.

Connect → Wishu | Website | Instagram

From Freelancer to Studio/Agency Founder

Starting an agency could be a good way to grow as a creative freelancer. But running an agency isn’t for everyone.

For the next 3 weeks, we’ll guide you on the topic of expanding your freelance business into an agency/studio. Providing you with a clear understanding of what running a studio/agency could mean for you. Subscribe to our premium newsletter to receive these straight to your email.

Part 1: From Freelancer to Studio Founder - Is this the right route for you? - Already live here

Part 2: Things to consider first when starting an agency/studio & The processes that can help a new agency run more smoothly - Already live here

Part 3: Next week → How to cultivate your agency’s sales pipeline & 3 ways to grow your new agency (including tools & resources)