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The Remote Working Revolution In The Creative Industry

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Fun fact: Working from home half of the week can reduce greenhouse emissions by 58 million tons every year – Global Workforce Analytics

In this weekly newsletter, we’re going to be exploring the power remote working has in the creative industry and more creative topics.

The Remote Working Revolution In The Creative Industry

Debates around remote working have been rumbling on for years now, but the Covid-19 pandemic left creatives, agencies and studios with little choice but to embrace it. While WFH is manageable for creatives that work alone and have single focused tasks, It’s tougher for the ones that work in highly collaborative projects having to face many hours Zooming each other to piece the project together. The pandemic showed us a better way to make the processes of working more efficient. It also allows us to identify and create new streams of revenue.

Here are some resources to help you with remote creativity👇

Bye-bye 💃🏽 Zoom & Google Hangouts… Hello 👋 Orbital

Whilst we emerge from the pandemic, the rise of hybrid teams - made up partly of traditional employees and freelancers - are catching on quickly. In order to succeed and have productive team and client meetings, we need a tool that embraces creativity and collaboration. And we have just such a tool for you👇

Orbital is how remote teamwork should feel! Reflect your personality and culture in a fully custom gathering space. Use the same link for meetings, chats, and co-working. Create seamless breakouts. Collaborate with interactive tools. Enjoy the benefits of being together, no matter where you are.

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From Freelancer to Studio/Agency Founder

Starting an agency could be a good way to grow as a creative freelancer. But running an agency isn’t for everyone.

For the next 3 weeks, we’ll guide you on the topic of expanding your freelance business into an agency/studio. Providing you with a clear understanding of what running a studio/agency could mean for you. Subscribe to our premium newsletter to receive these straight to your email.

This week: From Freelancer to Studio Founder - Is this the right route for you? (Already live here)

Next week: Things to consider first when starting an agency/studio & The processes that can help a new agency run more smoothly.

3rd week: How to cultivate your agency’s sales pipeline & 3 ways to grow your new agency (including tools & resources)

Creative resources, tips and inspiration

  • Lego X Yinka Ilori: The Launderette of Dreams. British-Nigerian artist Yinka Ilori has collaborated with Lego to bring us a Lego launderette in his signature bold style → Read further

  • Serif: A New LGBTQIA+ Virtual Space Designed by Pentagram’s Emily Oberman. The multidisciplinary designer and partner at design studio Pentagram, Emily Oberman, has taken her creative cue from the flourish of a serif typeface to create a strategy, brand identity and digital design for Serif → Read further

  • Sinead O’Dwyer’s New Visual Identity Celebrates Body Diversity. Created by North London based studio Greenspace, the young designer’s new visual identity campaign celebrates the beautiful reality of many human bodies → Read further

Portfolio shoutout ⚡️

Erika Roger, Photographer

Connect → Wishu | Website

Erika is a London-based Brazilian Photographer. Erika brings a welath of expeirnece of working in variety of projects in fashion, commerical, product, architecture and events. Her creativity and understand of the art form produces stunning and highly professional results.

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From Freelancer to Studio Founder - Is this the right route for you?
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