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Today (Sept 21st)👇

The future of the creative gig economy

With an uncertain financial economy ahead, many will be looking to freelance work. Freelancers and creative gig workers have many options in terms of platforms to find work but how does this shift the dynamic of creative talent? How can people use tech to maximise exposure to jobs, while protecting prices, IP, and sanity. Can creative be better for the use of freelance talent and is this the future model for the industry?


Wednesday (Sept 22nd) 👇

How to say no and push back

The strain of Covid on agencies has led many worried agency bosses to accept client demands without question for fear of losing lucrative business in an unstable market.


Squarespace x IFundWomen: Sales strategy: From lead to conversion

Need help generating customer purchases or growing your existing sales channels? This session is helpful whether you’re trying to get that first sale or problem-solving through a sales slowdown. Find out how to analyze what you’re selling well, who your customers are, and how to best reach them.


Thursday (Sept 23rd) 👇

Let's discuss... You featuring on the Top 100 Creatives list!

The Top 100 list represents the very best creatives in all creative fields. Our categories span the full spectrum of creative disciplines from graphic design to fashion photography, animation and illustration, video editing and photo retouching, typography, styling and makeup art and much more. We have two special categories for early-stage creatives who show growth and creativity from early days and the other for the top creative project which aims to shine a spotlight on the most creative project out there from 2021.

The 30 minutes talk will guide you through the award. Alongside, providing you with the answers to highly asked questions regarding the application process.


Stronger than Yesterday | Coping Through Failure

At this event you'll hear from an expert who's fallen down, gotten back up again and lived to tell the tale. They'll share actionable tips on how to find the 'stretch zone' to support moving towards dreams and goals without diving into the panic zone and falling down.


Early bird tickets to Wishu’s exclusive events! 🔥

From Freelancer to Studio Founder

A 1-hour webinar exploring: the benefits of ‘freelance to studio’, giving you a preparation plan to pursue, advice from freelancers who did it themselves & solutions to challenges you may face.


The Ultimate Guide to Passive Income

Join our event to learn more on how you can find the right passive income streams for you, and how you can build them to find the best possible exit strategy for yourself.


The Ultimate Guide to SEO for Creative Entrepreneurs

This webinar will focus on providing you with a clear guide to maximising your SEO practices, looking into how you put out content and website optimisations to achieve the best success as a creative freelancer and raise engagement rates with potential clients.


Art Exhibitions 💚

  • Explore the work of Sophie Taeuber-Arp during September's Late. Plus, learn about the playful and radical practices of the Dada movement. More info.

  • Richard Serra Drawings, on display at Ordovas on Savile Row, is an exhibition of nineteen works selected by the artist. The title of the works, ‘Orchard Street,’ refers to the street where the artist and his wife have a home on the North Fork of Long Island in America. Serra has his drawing studio there and it is there that they currently spend most of their time. More info.

  • Abramović has created Seven Deaths, a new, immersive cinematic experience for the main gallery at Lisson Street, based on seven untimely demises she undergoes on screen, set to the moving soundtrack of seven Callas solos. In Cork Street, Abramović exhibits seven alabaster sculptures relating to these lethal vignettes, which are also self-portraits of the artist inhabiting different personae – herself, Callas, the jilted bride or the sacrificial paramour, among others – each facing their own emotional, operatic endings. More info.