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Paid Advertising for Freelancers: The Pros and Cons

Client Referrals: The Advantages and Risks?

Freelance niche predictions 🌱

Logo vs. Sound ⚡️⚡️

The playbook for monetising your video and audio content creation...

🌏 86% of freelancers are active in Web 3...

💸 How creativity is helping shape next gen of banking 💰

Are we seeing the end of Instagram? 🤳

From freelancer to multimillion-£$ agency 💸

How to go from freelancer to multimillion-£$ agency

Should I still bother with TikTok... 💃

Starting and monetising your newsletter (tools behind 7-figure newsletters) 💸

⚡️ 10 minute TikToks, passive income deep-dive and latest creative news...

How can creatives help the crisis in Ukraine 🇺🇦

✍️ 6 ways to make your client testimonials stand out & get you new leads

Building an empire from NFTs 👾

How the cannabis 🌱 industry is opening up opportunities for creatives...

The exciting branding evolution behind alcohol free drinks 🍷🍹🍸

What can creatives do to start helping tackle their own carbon footprint? 🌏

Top resources for the modern day freelancer ✨ The con that tricked dozens into working for a fake design agency 🎬 and more!

But I hate TikTok: How to use TikTok for your benefit as a freelancer

Finding focus in an overactive, techy world 👾

🤳 Tips for networking in a post covid world ⚡️ How to market your NFTS in 2022 and more!

Passive Income Trends 2022

🎬 Top 7 skills you'll need to be an NFT artist, top creative news, upcoming events and more!

How we are programmed to earn less 💸

Marketing yourself as a freelancer in 2022 ✨ NFTS… But what about music? 👾 What creatives should know about Yats?

SEO for Freelance Business Growth 🏄🏽‍♀️

Could Yats become your next internet identity? ⚡️⚡️

🤳 Latest creative industry news 🏄🏽‍♀️ Top 10 fonts for 2022 🕺🏽 How can your brand make the most of NFTs & more!

How To Be a Successful Freelancer: Juggle Your Life Right

What is TikTok couture?🕺🏽Tiny guide on how to keep clients away from cancelling and the latest creative news

Leave the job hunting part to us🕺🏽

🤳 Tiny Guide to TikTok marketing ⚡️ latest creative news and more!

NFTs: Are They Climate Friendly

Web 3.0 and the future of freelancing 👾 Emojis have gone 3D under Meta & more!

Coachella lifetime NFTs 💃... Navigating the Metaverse? 👾 LinkedIn content strategy⚡️ and more!

Like a Moth to a Flame: How to Make Your Website Irresistible to Clients

January top creative roundup ✨

🎬 Are you using Linktree wrong? 👾 How Discord became the Soho House of Web 3.0? 🤳 What is marketing automation? & more!

How Would My Brand Look Like in the Metaverse?👾

NFT Basics Breakdown: All You Need To Know

💸 Recruitment in the metaverse – should I be worried? 👾 Have researchers cracked the code to TikTok virality? and more!

👾 NFTs with Dex Hannon

🏄🏽‍♀️ The importance of travel to ease digital anxiety 🤳 How to value an NFT when purchasing 🙌🏼 Neuroscience and marketing?

🤳 Social media trends 💸everything you need to know about Discord, crypto industry basics breakdown and more! ⚡️

Everything You Need to Know About Discord: The Crypto Community for NFTs

💸 Instagram introduces paid subscriptions 🤳 Income plateaus – How to break through? 🙌🏼 Top events this week and more!

How to start a six-figure 💰 newsletter

9 most-popular creative stories and resources of the week ⚡️

22 Essential Tools for Every Creative Entrepreneur for 2022 🤳

The Importance of Building a Newsletter as a Creative Entrepreneur in 2022

⚡️Are we living in a simulation? 🤳 Evidence-based strategies to better remember what you learn, ✨ top upcoming events and more!

Event: Passive Income Trends 2022

What’s In Store for NFTs in 2022

How design tools like Figma and Canva are impacting designers ✨ what is purpose and why does it matter? 🌞 navigating a male dominated space 👏 and more!

Manifestation & Positive Thinking: Brilliant or a Bunch of Ball?...

Are we seeing the end of cinemas? How to handle rejection as a creative freelancer? A new technology is replacing green screen and more!

110 predictions for the next 110 years, top UK creatives list goes live, the metaverse harmful for our mental health? ⚡️

Next hyped NFT projects 👾

The blurred line between being a creative and an influencer, The problem with individualism, MetaBirkins, and more!

The Blurred Line Between Being a Creative and an Influencer

How to retire early? How will wellness look like this year? Tools and books for 2022 and more!

Just In! 2022 Creative Freelancer Rates Guide

Answers to your questions about accounting👇

2022 Top Trend Predictions For Creatives and Media 🏄🏽‍♀️

Why production companies in 2022 will need to get big or go home? What every freelancer must prepare for in 2022? 👉 and more!

An Introvert’s Guide to Self-Promotion

Resolutions are not the vibe for 2022? What's next for NFTs? & Latest creative news

Papier redefines the stationary industry, brand redesigns that just made sense in 2021, unique NFTs and more!

‘Goal building and mindful mental health’ - Papier’s latest rebrand redefines stationary to the the contemporary lifestyle transformer

The latest insiders on the creative industry ⚡️

The Top 4 NFT Projects to Follow in 2022